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The Ebony Cotton Rule

by Charles Wirtenson

The example, shown in the photographs, is made of ebony and graduated in 16th inches and 8th inches on the other edge. The back is marked “SPECIAL”.  I have shown this rule to numerous rule collectors over the past year and to date this is the only known example that was made of ebony. An example of an ivory cotton staple rule graduated in 8th of an inch on one edge and 16th of an inch on the other edge can be seen in Scott Lynk book  Stanley “Special” and Custom Rules on page 302.

      I would like to thank John Wells, Scott Lynk, Walter Jacob, Bill Youart. Don Wing, and many other collectors for their help in evaluating this ruler. I would appreciate any information you might have concerning this variation. You can contact me at  or 315-363-7682.